If you’re here reading my site, you probably are aware of me from my economics and finance work.  But like most everyone, there’s a lot more to me than what I do professionally.  I was born in Alexandria, VA to two amazing parents with seven brothers and sisters.  No, that’s not a typo – SEVEN brothers and sisters.  I had the good fortune of coming third down the line so I got to learn some lessons along the way and teach some (good and bad) lessons as well.  It’s been pretty much unanimously decided that I am the best looking sibling, but I don’t think they hold that against me.  More importantly, I am happy to call all seven of them my best friends in the world.

I went to school in Washington, DC for much of my life and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in  finance.  It was in college where I met my fiancé Erica.  From the first time I met her I was pretty certain I couldnot live without her.  She was funny, smart, adventurous and beautiful. And she still is all of those things! Unfortunately (or fortunately), she was a California girl and she wanted to head back to the west coast after school.  It sounded like an adventure and a risk – two things I’ve never been afraid of. Following a stint working at Merrill Lynch in Alexandria I made the risky decision to start my own investment partnership and pull up my roots and move to San Diego, CA.

For the last 8 years I have been living in the beach communities of San Diego working as a financial expert and trying to enjoy myself where I can.  I try to live by the motto that you shouldn’t live to work, but should work to live.  When I am not working I live for the outdoors and time with the family and friends.  Whether it’s running, biking, swimming, rock climbing, skiing, surfing, fishing, hiking or just being outside – I love it all.  I just recently competed in my first endurance event of any type, a Half Ironman 70.3 in Napa Valley called Vineman.

When I am not working or playing I am always learning or trying to help others learn.  As I get older I am trying to pass on what little I’ve learned while trying to always remember that I am a perennial work in progress.  Erica and I live with our Australian Shepherd, Cal who reminds us that life is always better when you’re smiling or laughing.